Meet Victoria

Creative Visionary, Lead Dreamer

Many florists' biographies begin with their beautiful childhood stories of being surrounded by flowers or working in a flower shop. But, growing up in Ukraine, there was no profession as a florist. There were flower markets with mostly local flowers but nothing was designed. Looking back, I often bought flowers for friends' birthdays - using my love for creativity to make them look as beautiful as possible.

When I turned 21 I had an opportunity to come to America by winning a green card and I was excited to continue with the business degree that I had started in Ukraine. As I was looking for a part-time job to improve my English and to get on my feet financially, a friend suggested trying a flower shop as a creative outlet before heading into the corporate world. After a short time, I absolutely fell in love with the world of flowers, weddings and events.

Two years later Romance of Flowers was born as a small home-based business specializing in beautiful flowers for weddings. Almost two decades later, we grew from our humble beginnings in a small laundry room, to an award-winning, trend setting, floral and event design company, Victoria Clausen Floral Events. We are not just bringing beautiful transformations to weddings, but also creating unforgettable parties, intimate celebrations and producing or supplying flowers to corporate events across East Coast and beyond.

Since the very start, I have been totally taken by the idea of making each and every wedding as unique as the clients themselves. Each event is in opportunity to tell a story and to share the beauty of a client's personality or the unique message for a corporate function. Some clients come in with loads of Pinterest boards and some have no idea of where to start. It's the biggest thrill for me to go on a quest of learning and discovery to come up with a perfect vision and design for each and every event, to make each event beautiful and unforgettable in a very personal way. I thrive on dreaming up designs to bring magic on each wedding day, to make it better than couples' biggest hopes and expectations. I delight in knowing that our corporate clients see the difference in the power of their message for the events we help them beautify and increased sales at the venues creatively dressed for the holidays. I sure hope that we will have the honor of telling your story as well!

I can truly say that I am one of those super super lucky people who absolutely love what they do. I get up every morning with excitement for the new week, new clients, new events, new creative challenges and opportunities. When I'm not sketching pretty visions or dreaming of amazing ideas with our amazing team, clients and planners, playing knee-deep in flowers or keeping up with my two active boys, I absolutely love to travel and explore different cultures. Being inspired by architecture, nature, art, colors and textures is the best creative food for my soul.



Meet Sara

Vision Communicator

With a background in photography and videography, Sara jumped on board to create some fun videos to showcase a few of VCFE's designs. After spending some time with these amazingly creative people, Sara was inspired and excited to join the team full time! Now, in addition to doing photography for VCFE, Sara reaches out to understand client visions and assists the team in many ways to make those dreams come to life! She is constantly fueling her creative energy through photography and traveling the world.

Holly Headshots-2493.jpg

Meet Holly

Inventory Guru

Having spent the last six years as a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, Holly was the perfect choice to handle our intricate inventory process! Her background also includes specialties in customer service, market research, and team building. Holly is excited to work with VCFE's close-knit team, helping to create unique experiences for our clients. When not figuring out how to make all things run more smoothly, Holly can be found spending time with her husband & two kids, training her crazy rescue puppy, or baking delicious vegan treats.

Talk to Holly through our sister companies! Floral Rents & The Candle Art Co.

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Meet Chris

Paper Design Queen

Christine comes from an advertising background, working in the industry after finishing art school. She left advertising to stay at home and raise her two daughters, continuing graphic design work on a freelance basis. After offering to create her friend’s wedding invitation many years ago, she was hooked. She loves the hands on aspect of creating invitations and paper details. Christine joined VCFE when a friend (VCFE team member, Kelly) asked her to help with an event set-up. She continued helping with event set-up on a part-time basis before joining the team to do graphic design and create custom invites and paper goods. Much of her free time is spent at the barn or horse shows with her youngest daughter, as well as visiting her oldest daughter at the University of Pittsburgh.


Meet Sue

Glue that Keeps the Shop Together

Susan has been working for Victoria Clausen approximately 3 years. She enjoys the diversity of the job, from setting up weddings to processing flowers, and everything that happens in between. Having worked in the hospitality business for 15 years, it was easy for Susan to fit right in!


Meet Angie

Make It Happen Gal

Starting as a nanny for Victoria's 2 cute blond headed boys, Angie has worked with Victoria for 10 years. As the boys headed off to school she transitioned into the wedding world. She enjoys being in the background, processing beautiful flowers and working to bring Victoria's vivid imagination to fruition. The later usually involves being on a ladder hanging something and everything. She loves having a new vision to work on for every wedding.